RS Production success stories

Bostik increased total tonnage output by improving OEE 40% using RS Production®

“We could deliver a 70% changeover time reduction by using high-quality production data from RS Production.”
Claes Lindblom
Six Sigma Greenbelt and Production planner at Bostik Helsingborg

Brunberg improves chocolate and liquorice production using RS Production®

"I recommend RS Production to manufacturing companies. RS Production works. We like it. Tracking and recording production losses are easy, and we can immediately see if production changes are creating the desired outcome!"
Hannu Porttila
Production and R&D Manager at Brunberg Oy
Photo: Brunberg

Svenska Retursystem reduces CO2e and resource consumption using RS Production®

"We needed to become more efficient and meet increased demand with our existing resources. When we started with RS Production, we quickly gained control of the situation, and we could easily see what changes made a real difference,"
Torbjörn Mälman
Business Developer at Svenska Retursystem

VMT Plastic Solutions improves efficiency, quality, and LEAN work using RS Production®

"I recommend RS Production to all production companies. It's great to have all OEE data in one place available to all decision makers. "
Marja Mäkinen
CEO at VMT Plastic Solutions

Willo does factory-wide implementation in 6 weeks

"Finally, we have found a partner and a platform who can help us digitize and streamline our production. Through RS Production, we have the right platform in place to accelerate our success journey."
Henrik Wolf
Production Manager at Willo