Grow your business with market-leading industry 4 software

Become a RS Production partner and benefit from a SaaS business model to create recurring revenue complementing your other products and services.

RS Production helps factories turn waste into profit

RS Production is market-leading software designed to easily give production teams real-time insights and run predictable, profitable, and sustainable factories.

Factories using RS Production have virtually eliminated quality losses. Others doubled their capacity without investing in new machinery.

Add RS Production to your portfolio and help manufacturing companies make better decisions faster based on facts and real-time data.

  • Intuitive, flexible, and easy to get started.
  • Comprehensive feature list.
  • Extensive report capabilities.
  • Industry Independent.
  • 5 out of 6 companies who try RS Production prefer it over competing solutions.
  • RS Production’s suite of tools can promise improvements (measure, improve and change behaviors)
    “We added RS Production OEE suite to our portfolio of digital tools for manufacturing companies, and just a few months later, we created new business. We are confident that we will continue to develop and do business together for a long time.”
    Antti Kaikkonen
    CEO, Novotek Finland
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    Joining our partnership program

    We are growing quickly and are looking for both Solution Partners and Implementation Partners throughout the world. 

    Does your company have what it takes?

    • Proven ability to deliver and implement software solutions for factories/industry sector.
    • Experience and knowledge in your local market and business landscape.
    • Able to provide technical support, on-site implementations, training, and consultancy services.
    • Willing to actively target new and existing customers with sales and marketing activities and a proven value proposition, Solution Partner.
    • Sees the value with a SaaS-based recurring growth business model, Solution Partner.
        “Starting up the partnership went very smoothly. Good Solutions gave us a kickstart and we made real business with our customers already after a few months.”
        Olof Hedin
        CDO, Quant Service

        Building a successful partnership

        RS Production creates long-term recurring revenue. Your cut of the deal is not only a fair portion of the monthly income but also to support customers with onboarding, training, factory improvement services, integrations, and, most importantly, your knowledge.

        Our experienced team and success manager ensures that our partnership has the best platform and prerequisites for a successful long-term collaboration. Our comprehensive Partnership program includes 

        • onboarding and training,
        • personal business partner,
        • dedicated product- and service success manager.
            Ulf Hille-Dahl, Chief Commercial Officer